Two student workers in hard hats analyzing vents

ASU Student Jobs

Our Goal

One of the key components of the Arizona State University Energy Efficiency Center is to train the next generation of energy engineers to become leaders in the decarbonization efforts in Arizona and beyond. The ASU EEC works with a broad range of industries, manufacturing to commercial facilities. We are always looking for motivated, creative students across a variety of majors to join our team to make a difference in their community.

Why join the Energy Efficiency Center?

  • Training
    • Students at the EEC are provided with training in energy efficiency identification, energy equipment, energy consuming processes, energy data analysis and more.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • There are many opportunities to improve leadership skills through leading assessments and reports, client outreach, focused topics such as equipment management, marketing and outreach, database management and more. More experienced students become mentors to newer students.
  • Hands on Experience
    • The EEC allows students opportunities to gain hands on experience with utility bill analysis, client outreach, data collection, equipment usage, writing reports, energy savings calculations and more. Students participate in multiple assessments per semester and summer which exposes them to all aspects of the assessment process from client outreach, pre-assessment meetings, on-site visits, report writing and more. This involves a mix of remote and in-person collaboration across students/faculty/staff and client teams.

How to join

If you are interested in being part of the next generation of energy efficiency specialists, we are always looking for talent in the fall & spring semesters. Posting can be found on the ASU On-Campus Job Search site and announcements made in classes. Typical time commitment is 20 hrs/wk.